On Hacking, Lifehacking and Depression thumbnail

Why life hacking and the Hacking Way are useful metaphors for personal deveopment generally and fighting depression specifically.

Smash Depression Podcast episode 001 with guest Susan Noonan thumbnail

The Smash Depression podcast debuts with an interview with Dr. Susan Noonan, author of Managing Your Depression: What You Can Do To Feel Better.

Positive Feeling Advice Roundup thumbnail

There is no one foolproof way to beat depression, but there are many good ways. These five advice pieces struck a chord lately.

Unpublished Book Chapter by David Burns: Practical Spirituality thumbnail

David Burns recently posted an unpublished chapter from his book Feeling Good Together online, on the subject of psychotherapy and spirituality.

David Burns articles, talks, interviews on fighting depression thumbnail

David Burns, author of the 1980 bestseller Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, continues to give insightful presentations and interviews on depression.

MondayMotivation on Twitter thumbnail

Recommended Twitter feeds dealing with depression, the MondayMotivation hashtag, plus my own first efforts at creating motivational quote posters.

Talking Openly About Depression: Tim Ferriss, Kendrick Lamar thumbnail

Two famous people from very different walks of life, Kendrick Lamar and Tim Ferriss, talk openly about their experiences with depression.

Cognitive Therapy for Depression: How to Get Started thumbnail

Cognitive therapy is an effective treatment for depression which targets negative thinking. Here's a basic guide to getting started.

Celebrities Who Battled Depression and Found Success thumbnail

Four inspiring stories about famous people who have battled depression and found success anyway: Jon Hamm, Demi Lovato, Ken Griffey Jr, Lorraine Bracco.

Welcome Skepticism on Mindfulness for Depression thumbnail

Two writers who suffer from depression and who have tried both drugs and mindfulness have responded skeptically to the new Lancet study.