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Social media has never been my thing. I’ve always been an introvert. Self-promotion does not come naturally to me. But I want to build Smash Depression into something positive, and that means connecting with others online who are dealing with and writing about these issues. So I’m treating Twitter and Facebook as challenges, experiments, a chance to break out of my comfort zone and find my tribe.

Reading The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau gave me a big push in this direction, especially his chapter on “hustling”. Here’s an excerpt called “Hustling: How to Spread the Word About Your Work”. I have strong tendencies toward Guillebeau’s “martyr” type, and I’m making an effort to become more of a “hustler” (but definitely not a “charlatan”).

Over the past month I have been learning Twitter. Mostly this entails (1) following lots of people who talk about depression, mental health and personal development matters; (2) figuring out which posting styles I enjoy and might want to emulate; (3) figuring out which posting styles I dislike and want to avoid; (4) posting occasionally myself and finding my own posting style. So far my own tweeting has been too impersonal, too many links to my own blog posts and not enough personal engagement with fellow depression sufferers. I’m working on it.

A few posters I have been enjoying:

Depression Army creates a sense of community with frequent kernels of encouragement and compassion, both original and retweeted.

Laura Sanders posts links to useful articles about psychology throughout the day.

A Health Blog posts tons of well-designed infographics about healthy living.

Wellness Mindfulness posts inspirational quotation posters.

Every Monday folks on Twitter post motivational messages, quotes, posters, infographics, etc, with the hashtag #MondayMotivation (or #MotivationMonday). I’ve tried my hand at creating some motivational quote posters. This particular artform doesn’t really play to my strengths, but it was fun to try.

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill


“I find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” — Emily Dickinson
(Look for this amazing photo to be recycled for the next round of Happy Black Dogs.)


Waiting for Motivation Leads to Procrastination
Taking Action Leads to Motivation
Just Take the First Step Now, See Where That Leads You


Photo credits (1) David Goehring; (2) SLO Coast Dogs In The Fast Lane; (3) Patt

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