Happy Black Dogs

A while back I wrote a post entitled “Is Depression Like a Dog?” questioning the common metaphor of depression as a “black dog”.

This metaphor strikes me as very unfair to black dogs everywhere, and wholly at odds with the sheer joy and moral support that dogs, including many black dogs, have provided me over the years.

Yes, I realize this is a very silly argument. So why bother? One reason: the process of recognizing negative thought patterns and replacing them with rational positive alternatives can be very valuable in battling depression, even over matters that seem trivial. Making this cognitive swap with something trivial can be good practice. And sometimes it’s good to embrace frivolity and playfulness. In that spirit, Smash Depression presents this gallery of …

Happy Black Dogs








Here’s to the glorious black dog of joy!

All photos from Flickr feeds with creative commons enabled. (1,2,3,4)
Pete Markham, (5) Five Furlongs, (6) OakleyOriginals, (7) Tim Douglas.

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