Why the name “Smash Depression”?

Choosing a name for my depression site was a more complicated process than expected.

The first dozen or so domain names I checked were all taken. Coping with depression, beat depression, undepression, conquer depression, living with depression, hacking depression — URL variations on all these were already registered. Apparently “depression” is a hot keyword these days.

Of course, few of those registered domains have actual sites on them. Mostly they’ve been registered by domain speculators, who will gladly let them go for a 15000% markup. I decided to keep looking for an available $10 domain.

Based on experience, I knew I wanted the dot-com version of whichever name I chose.

Eventually I tried smashdepression.com and found it available. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

One theme of this site will be the need to take action against your depression. It’s easy to get trapped in a vicious cycle of lethargy, inaction, procrastination and despair that leaves you feeling worse and worse. Taking positive action, even a small step, can spark your motivation, hope, energy and the desire to take another step. You don’t need a full-blown plan — you can revise the plan as you go, in fact you’ll probably keep revising the plan for a long time, but take the first step now.

The word “smash” has an action-oriented energy and playfulness that fits the tone I want for this site. So Smash Depression it is.


Image: detail from Thor’s Battle Against the Jötnar by Mårten Eskil Winge.

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