Smash Depression: The Inception

Post #1. The big bang. Hello world.


I have suffered from depression my whole life. Sometimes it’s manageable, a background radiation of melancholy that does not keep me from living life and pursuing goals. Other times it feels overwhelming, a toxic sludge of despair that makes everyday life seem unbearable and hopeless.

My goals for this site, Smash Depression:

  • Build a better understanding of depression, its causes and symptoms and variants.
  • Promote strategies for coping with depression and keeping the worst despair at bay. Productive habits, lifestyle changes, mindset hacking.
  • Cover news related to depression.
  • Chronicle my own attempts to cope, take action and rise above depression.
  • Connect with others for mutual support, learning, feedback, camaraderie.

Some things to avoid: wallowing in misery, complaining about anything and everything — it’s boring for others and unproductive for one’s self. Also to avoid: quitting after a few weeks — my worst habit

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